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Thank you for choosing me to be part of your pet's healing process. I am confident that a combination of Laser, Acupressure, Reiki and Oriental medicine will help restore your pet to a state of health and balance. As you may know, there is a considerable body of research supporting the effectiveness of these modalities for the treatment of a wide range of animal health issues. If I can help you research your condition, please let me know.


What you should know before your pet's first session.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is not a replacement for veterinary care. To assure the best possible outcome for your pet, we will work with your veterinarian when possible.

Laser Therapy & Acupressure and Pets

Worried about how your dog will react? Dogs like massage and laser therapy. Most dogs fall asleep or become very relaxed during the session.

The combination of acupressure and laser is very effective for a wide range of canine ailments, but don't expect too much from a single treatment. These therapies in dogs (and humans) has a cumulative effect.

Cats sometimes can be tricky as they like to chase the laser. I use a combination of acupressure, Reiki and laser if they allow it.

The treatment is often used for pain and chronic disease, and movement disorders such as hip dysplasia, especially in older dogs. Laser Therapy works through helping to maintain the health of the body. The basic principles of acupuncture are used during the laser session. It works the same in animals as in humans. Chinese medical theory states that disease is the result of a blockage in energy flow (Qi or Chi) along pathways in the body. Guiding the laser light into these pathways unblocks the energy and restores health.

Nutrition and herbal therapy play a crucial role in canine health as well. An herbal and nutritional consultation is part of the initial treatment package. It's an opportunity for us to discuss your pet's diet and try to find ways that food is either hurting or helping the healing process.

Important: Prior to treatment, please mail or email to me a list of any medications your pet is taking, the name and phone number of your veterinarian, and the diagnosis (if any).

New Clients: Pet Health History Form

Below is a link to a health history form (in PDF) that you may print and fill out before your pet's first session. Completing the form before our appointment will save time and allow me to spend more time with your pet.

Click here to download the New Client Health History (PDF).

Paying for treatments

Payment is due at time of service. Cash and credit cards are accepted. I do not accept checks.

Treatment Fees

  • Free 15-minute consultation by phone
  • Initial Intake and First Treatment: $130 (Approximately 1.5 hours)
    • History and intake
    • Chinese medical Diagnosis
    • Laser Therapy
    • Acupressure and Reiki
    • Nutritional and herbal recommendations (herbs not included)
    • Brief acupressure lesson with information where and how to massage your pet.
  • Follow up treatments: $80 (Approximately 1 hour)
    • include acupressure, laser, Reiki and progress evaluation.

Cancellation Policy: Any appointment missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full fee amount.

House Calls in Old Town, Alexandria VA

Please use our contact form for more information about housecalls in the Old Town Alexandria area.

House Call Notes

Dogs and cats are most comfortable surrounded by familiar scenery and smells.

Pick the room where your dog or cat is most comfortable. Perhaps a family room, or a sleeping place. If the he or she has a favorite blanket or bed, please have it available and find a place on the floor for the treatment. I prefer to treat dogs while they are on the floor (and the dogs like it that way too). Cats sometimes are easiest when held in a lap. Your cat will decide where it will be! You or a family member will need to be present during the entire treatment.

Please schedule your house call during a quiet time. Loud music, television or other disturbing noise, telephone conversations, people coming and going, household chores, will all affect the treatments negatively. Your pet should be able to relax. Environment plays a large role in the effectiveness of an session.

Please Note: Fees vary by location.

Travel Fee: A travel fee is charged for house calls.

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